Vibratory Finishing Tubs

Vibratory Tub    Vibratory Tub    Vibratory Tub

The Vibratory Finishing Tub design is the original vibratory machine produced.  It is most appropriate for longer and/ or larger pieces Sizes range from ½ cubic foot to 100 cubic feet. The work area (Tub) can  be “compartmentalized” so multiple parts can run at same time with the same or different medias.  Common options such as noise abatement, external separation, compound feed systems and variable speed control are available.

The CONTINIOUS or FLO THRU design where parts go once thru the machine is especially efficient for large volumes of parts.

We Distribute multiple lines of equipment so that we can offer all possible designs and combinations of styles that will best answer your needs.

Our list of manufactures is very extensive and includes,
1.  Walther Trowal  
2.  Rosler 
3.  Royson
4.  CLM-Vib Tech
5,  Vibra Finish

We look forward to using our over 80 years of experience to craft solutions for your finishing projects.