Blast Cabinets

Blast CabinetBlast CabinetBlast CabinetBlast Cabinet


Our Abrasive Blast cabinets have built a reputation based on superior visibility, the smallest footprint with the largest dust collector filter surface. In addition they have the least amount of maintenance and the most included standard features of any blast cabinet on the market.

What this offers when choosing a sandblaster is VALUE FOR DOLLAR. We have over 100 standard models and sizes of syphon blast cabinets (N-200 and N-200 Cyclone), pressure blast cabinets (Power Peenand Power Strip), wet blast cabinets (Hurricane), plastic media blast cabinets (Hailstorm), soda blast cabinets (Blizzard), and light duty bead blast cabinets (Viper and Space Saver), as well as custom and automated abrasive blast cabinets. (Downdraft) cabinets are available also.