Plastic Media

Our Plastic Media comes in a wide variety of compositions and shapes. Use it for general metal removal, pre-paint or pre-plate finishing polishing or fast and heavy metal removal. Plastic media will remove burrs and not “roll them over”.

1. Plastic Media uses either Polyester Resin or Urea Formaldehyde resin as its bonding agent.
2. The abrasive most often used is fine grained Silica instead of the Aluminum Oxide.
3. Plastic media is lighter than ceramic, 50-55 lbs. per cubic foot vs. 90-100 lbs. per cubic foot.
4. Plastic media, with its lighter weight, will wear off a burr rather than rolling it over.
5. Plastic media offers the largest choice of shapes and sizes.
6. Specialty formulations with other abrasives are also very common.




We distribute both Polyester Resin and Urea Resin (Synthetic) plastic media manufactured by:
1.  Walther Trowal
2.  Rosler
3.  Royson
4.  CLM-Vib Tech
5.  Vibra Finish