About Us

We only represent manufacturers that produce the highest quality of Equipment and Consumables available in today’s market.  Our vibratory finishing equipment, centrifugal finishing equipment and blasting equipment can stand alone or be integrated into comprehensive systems that will handle your parts from beginning  to end.

Our Sales Engineers offer over 80 years of combined experience when providing solutions for your Mass Finishing processes.

Vendors like Washington Mills, Walther Troval, Vibra Finish, Rosler Metal Finishing, Abrasive Products, and Mass Finishing are a few of the sources we use for our solutions.

The ElectroHone line of polishing corn cob,  Hi-Lite and SB-10,  produces very high reflective surfaces while our Electro-Brite liquid compounds provide the cleanliness and rust protection demanded when you have an efficient and economical finishing process.

Our Waste Water flocculants and filtering equipment effectively handle all discharges from any deburring machines.

Polyurethane relining of your equipment is also available.  Three different durometers, 80, 90, 95 in both cold cure and hot cure will make your machines look and preform as they were designed.

Mechanical Separators, Hand Riddles, Hand magnets and Spin baskets are among the many Secondary items offered.

No task is too Large or too Small for us.  You will always get the individual attention needed.

Contact us and let us get started working for you !!!