Liquid Compounds

Electro-Bright Finishing CompoundsCompounds

Burnishing and Coloring

EB-120 : Industry standard, good lubricity, high reflectivity, light cleaning, medium foam parts need inhibition, reduce plastic foam … pH-4.7 — color – Blue

EB-309-F : Formulated for aluminum, good lubricity, bright finishes, different cleaning system , High foam … pH-5.1– color – Red

Ferrous Finishing

EB-220-N : Alkaline, excellent lubricity, good rust inhibition, moderate foam, reduces plastic media foam, leaves light natural metal color, high viscosity, good cleaning — pH-9.0 — color – Purple 
 : Medium foaming, good cleaning, good inhibition, leaves good natural metal color– pH-11.5 — color – Red


EB-400 : Low foaming, use as flo-though, dip or spray, leaves clear non-tacky film, no interference with post operations. —pH-9.0 — color – Green
EB-400-XL : Extra strength for powdered and sintered metals, very low foaming, leaves clear non-tacky film. —pH-9.5 color – Green
Anti-Foam / General Purpose
FOAM CONTROL 100 : Developed specifically for use with Plastic Media. Reduces and eliminates the “shaving cream” foam that can be generated by polyester media. Can be used as a general purpose compound for all medias and metals as the ingredients will clean light oils and provide in process rust protection. — PH-7 — color – Pink